Troubleshooting Pro Series

Troubleshooting Guide for Pro Series 20 and 50

1.      If the LCD  displays  ‘-JJ-’  and  the  machine  has stopped working.

This will be due to one of the following reasons:

  • Raw material is absent from hopper 

  • If too much moisture remains in the cylinder after cleaning the cylinder beater has frozen.

  • The machine has been left in ‘AUTO’ mode for a long period of non-use.


1.         Turn off all refrigeration by pressing the ‘OFF’ button.

2.         Remove the hopper valve and leave for 15 minutes.

3.         After 15 minutes, place in ‘WASH’ mode.

4.         Periodically dispense the product, until it reaches liquid form.

5.         Press ‘OFF’ button to deactivate ‘WASH’ mode.

6.         Ensure the viscosity (SET) on the right of the LCD display is 0.2 higher than the viscosity (HARD) displayed on left.

7.         Then replace the hopper valve.

8.         Press both ‘STANDBY’ and ‘AUTO’ to put back into freeze mode.


2.    Mix is leaking

1.   The mix is leaking from the discharge door

Cause: The big “O” ring is not fixed correctly, needs replacing or the fix nuts are too loose.

2.   There is a more than normal quantity of mix leaking into the drip tray inside the machine.

Cause: The sealed sleeve on the beater bar is either not installed, installed incorrectly or needs replacing.

3.   The mix is leaking from the extruding holes or the ice cream from the two cylinders is mixed up.

Cause:  The  “O”  ring(s)  on  the  piston(s)  have  been  damaged  and  need  to  be replaced.


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